Terms of booking

Terms of booking places and stays at Bryza Resort by individual clients

CD SA reserves the right to change the price list, in particular taking into account market conditions, including possible increased operating costs related to counteracting the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic. The clients will be informed about any price changes in writing or by e-mail. Changes to the price list will not apply to orders for services that will be placed by the clients before the date of receipt of information about the price change (and for which an appropriate advance payment will be made).

Conclusion of the contract

The contract comes into force when the advance payment is made (30% of the price of the stay). The advance payment deadline is 2 weeks from when the booking is made, and the remainder of the price for the stay is due one month before arrival. In the event of a delay in paying the advance payment, the room reservation will be effected, provided that the rooms are available, and Bryza Resort will notify the customer if there are no available rooms. In this case, the advance payment will be returned to the customer.

Payments should be made to:

CD SA with its seat in Warsaw, ul. Krucza 16/22
ING Bank Śląski S.A. 

Account number for payments in PLN: 36 10501070 1000 0090 8030 0123

Account number for payments in EUR: PL 12 1050 1070 1000 0090 3137 5695

Please fill in the payment forms legibly and provide a detailed description of the transfer title, including name and surname, dates of stay and the building required.

General conditions:

1. Bryza Resort ensures the implementation of services in accordance with the offer. The Customer is not entitled to reimbursement of benefits that he did not use during the stay for reasons attributable to him. In the event of failure to use the services for reasons attributable to the Bryza Resort, the Customer has the right to claim the reimbursement of the equivalent which does not limit the right to claim the compensation on general terms for the damage suffered by the Customer.

2. The hotel day starts at 3 p.m. and check-out is at 10 a.m..

3. The price of the service does not include insurance against the costs of cancellation or interruption of travel by the customer.

4. The participant is obliged to comply with the Bryza Resort Regulations.  


Cancellation of stay may only be made in writing. In the event of cancellation no later than 31 days before the day of stay, Bryza Resort will refund the entire amount of the advance payment.

In the event of resignation from the stay less than 31 days before the date of commencement of services, Bryza Resort is entitled to charge the Customer with the costs (damage) incurred by the Bryza Resort, but their amount cannot in any case exceed:

a. in the case of resignation between the 30th and 21st day before the date of stay - 30% of the price of the stay;

b. in the case of resignation between the 20th and 11th day before the date of stay - 50% of the price of the stay;

c. in the case of resignation between the 10th and the 4th day before the date of stay - 70% of the price of the stay;

d. in the case of resignation later than 4 days before the date of stay - 95% of the price of the stay.

Personal data

1. The data controller of the Client's personal data is CD SA with its registered office in Warsaw, ul. Krucza 16/22, 00-526, KRS 0000052129, NIP 547-10-11-402, Regon 070476366 ('Data Controller').

2. Data Protection Inspector has been appointed in the organization, available at the e-mail address: iodbryza@cdsa.com.pl.

3. The Customer's personal data will be processed for the purpose of the implementation of the Agreement by the Bryza Resort, including the provision of additional services, such as physiotherapy treatments. Personal data may also be processed, if it is necessary, to fulfil the legal obligation incumbent on the data controller (e.g. during the check-in at the Bryza Resort) and to implement the legitimate interests of the data controller those connected to the direct marketing (e.g. providing information about the offer, sending holiday wishes, etc.) and video monitoring.

4. In the case of physiotherapeutic or rehabilitation treatments or the provision of medical services, the so-called sensitive data (about the health of the client), may be obtained in particular for the purpose of confirming the absence of health contraindications for a given treatment or for the purpose of making an appropriate diagnosis and ensuring the correct treatment or rehabilitation process. The basis for the transfer of such data is the consent of the Customer or, in the case of the need for emergency medical assistance - the necessity of transferring such data for medical diagnosis, healthcare or treatment.

5. Within the scope and purposes described above, Customers' personal data may be entrusted to entities cooperating with the Bryza Resort, in particular subcontractors, whom we may employ for the purposes of providing services.

6. The Customer's personal data will be stored during the performance of the contract with the Customer, and after that - for the period foreseen by law. In the event of failure to conclude the contract, including booking cancellation of the booking, the data will be stored for a period of three (3) months. In the case of information about The health condition data provided in connection with the performance of physiotherapeutic procedures, such personal data will be stored for a period of one (1) year and then destroyed, unless the Customer raises any complaints or claims during the above period - then the data will be stored until their final resolution.

7. Bryza Resort has a video monitoring system in order to ensure the safety of people staying in the entity facility, as well as to protect the Guests’ properties of these people and the property of  Bryza the owner. of the Bryza Resort. Personal data collected as a result of the monitoring application may be transferred to entities authorized under the provisions of the law to obtain access to such data. The data administrator keeps monitoring recordings for a period not longer than three (3) months, with the provision that the recordings of incidents may be stored longer until the matter is clarified or the relevant proceedings are completed.

8. Providing personal data is voluntary but it is a prerequisite for the conclusion and implementation of the contract.

9. The Customer has the right to access his/her personal data, rectify them, delete or limit their processing, object to the data processing, the right to transfer the data as well as the right to submit a complaint to the supervisory body (Data Processing Supervisor). The customer has the right to withdraw his/her consent for data processing at any moment of personal data in which their processing takes place, without affecting the lawfulness of the processing which was made on the basis of such consent before its withdrawal.

Final Provisions

In matters not covered by these terms and conditions the provisions of the Act of August 29, 1997 on tourist services (i.e. of 2004, Journal of Laws No. 223, item 2268) and executive acts to this Act, as well as the provisions of the Act of April 23, 1964 r. Civil Code (Journal of Laws No. 16, item 93, as amended) apply.


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